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B&E offers first rate residential irrigation services all over metro Nashville.  We believe we have viable and affordable solutions for home irrigation and lawn maintenance that would fit in almost any budget.   Why is it important to include lawn maintenance in your plan?  So you can enjoy your yard more and work in it less!

Why does home lawn & garden Irrigation just make sense?

Having an automatic sprinkler system to irrigate your lawn and garden saves water that is often wasted by runoff from manual sprinkler systems.  Often times when these are used, homeowners fail to regulate output or forget to turn off water manually.    Plus, beautiful, green grass and lush, healthy vegetation not only protect the value of your home but add to its curb appeal as well.


We can  help you distribute water only when and where your plants need it, which improves performance and helps guarantee the life of your investment.  We keep up with the latest industry standards and state-of-the-art products and designs so we know you're getting the best the industry has to offer.


Over time your landscaping needs will change.  We come to know your lawn, and as it matures and the lawn and plants grow, we know how to adapt your system to ensure maximum efficiency.   We can update your home system based on plant growth, swap out heads, add heads or zones to accommodate a newly planted area, add micro-sprays to potted plants, convert zones to drip irrigation and more!

We don’t just install systems, we service them too!  We are known for installing high quality irrigation materials but also helping customers repair and overhaul existing irrigation systems.  We service all major brands of residential irrigation products and our entire team stays "green" by committing to continuing education offered by our industry.    We are known as the "troubleshooters" because we're frequently called on to pinpoint unique or hard-to-find problems in irrigation systems.  Usually it's after other companies couldn't or just after installation by an inexperienced contractor.   


We design and install quality, efficient home sprinkler systems that are unique to your residential landscaping needs. Your system can be personalized with any of the following:

  • Moisture Sensors

  • Rain Sensors

  • Spray Zones

  • Rotor Zones

  • Drip Irrigation

  • Container Irrigation

  • Tree Bubblers

  • Rainwater Retention

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Drainage Solutions

  • Well water pump

  • Booster pump

  • Spring Activation

Seasonal Irrigation Maintenance


A B&E technician pressurizes all lines, checks zones/heads for operation, and adjusts the heads as needed.  They will then repair any broken heads or leaks that are found.  This is a great time to let us know if you would like improvements made in areas where plants have grown and matured. We will provide an assessment and make recommendations for those at your request.


Winters in Middle Tennessee can be brutal, so we winterize residential sprinkler systems to protect from freeze damage.  Our technicians use air compression to remove any excess water from the irrigation lines.   We always recommend that you activate your system in the spring and winterize in the fall. This ensures optimum performance and prolongs the life of your system.




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